french kids eat everything

May 9, 2012

it's no secret that i am not the biggest fan of allowing children to sustain themselves on frozen chicken nuggets and plastic wrapped cheese slices. nevertheless, i am presently at the mercy of a toddler (who once eagerly gobbled down only the healthiest of the healthy) with an ever-increasing penchant for casually lobbing food from mouth to lap in the blink of an eye. so, when i came across french kids eat everything i simply had to pick it up. the tale of one young family who moves to france and, when their food habits are readily scrutinized, receive an unexpected crash course in european food traditions. "[french] children feed themselves neatly and happily," the book declares, "eating everything from beets to broccoli, salad to spinach, mussels to muesli." their journey is sure to be a deliciously learned one. i can't wait to dig in!

p.s. the five worst foods for babies.

photo via foam magazine


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