happy 100.

May 23, 2011

the centenary festivities have been in full swing for days as new york public library celebrates the 100th anniversary of its landmark fifth avenue location. with patience and fortitude steadfastly standing guard (check out the recently unveiled lego replicas), this book palace houses such truly remarkable pieces as a copy of the declaration of independence handwritten by thomas jefferson, the taxidermied paw of charles dickens' cat, malcolm x's journal and millions upon millions of books. an absolutely glorious piece of architecture, when constructed the beaux-arts design was the largest marble structure in the united states and included 75 miles of shelving! today it is one of the city's most recognized structures and, without question, is all a flutter this evening as the centennial benefit gala gets into full swing. surely that's where blair waldorf was tonite (gg, i miss you already). didn't get an invite? from now thru december 31 the library will host its centennial exhibit including over 250 pieces from their vast collections. bibliophiles rejoice; happy birthday nypl!

top photo via jessica leader; bottom photo via eleGALA


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